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  1. In Registered divisions, the owner on the registration certificate must match the exhibitor on the entry form.

  2. All Holsteins need to be at least 87% Registered Holstein Ancestry and be registered with Holstein Association USA to be shown in the Registered Holstein Division. No registered cattle can be shown in the Grade Division.

  3. All Jerseys must be registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association to be shown in the Registered Jersey Division. Animals are eligible when recorded by the American Jersey Cattle Association in the Herd Register or with Generation Count 4 or greater, or by Jersey Canada with registry status of 93.75% and greater. No eligible animals can be shown in the Grade Division.

  4. A stall chart will be put together by the Committee. Please fill out your stall requests as part of your online entries. Stalls will be assigned based on the number of animals that are exhibited NOT entered. Extra stall space can NOT be purchased.

  5. Apart from loading/unloading, there will be no parking on the fairgrounds. Please park in designated parking lots. This is to be following parking rules enforced by the Fairgrounds.

  6. The show uniform shall consist of a Shirt/Blouse with collar or a show t-shirt item (no tank tops or t-shirts other than a summer showcase t-shirt) and white pants. 4-H and FFA uniforms are acceptable but not required.

  7. Management reserves the final and absolute right to interpret the rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle questions and differences pertaining to the Western Dairy Showcase.

  8. Release of animals will take place after Supreme Champion both days. There will be no cattle trailers on the grounds during the show. If you have only cows they will be released from 6:00am – 8:00am on Sunday morning. 

  9. The milk barn will be available to exhibitors during the show Wednesday – Sunday. If you milk in the stall you must cart the milk to the milk barn to be drained into the tank. NO MILK DUMPED IN THE DRAINS!

  10. Exhibitors are responsible for any actions done to their animals by the exhibitor or their hired staff and will be removed immediately if there is unethical treatment to animals (i.e. tubing, fake hair in toplines, foamies, etc.)

Location:  Stanislaus Fairgrounds 900 Broadway Turlock, Ca. 95380

Judge:  TBA


Entries will only be accepted online.

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